Omnipresent Video Marketing. Engaging Inspiring Dynamic Creative

Create Branded Video Content in Seconds

What is your why?

We tell your story and create omnipresent content over your Social Media and Website Platforms.

whY-us? is where creativity meets business.

1. Record or Upload Your Video

From smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC

2. Choose Background Music

Over 20 royalty free tracks / tempo to choose from

3. Upload Your Still or Animated Logo

Logo image or animated with optional Call To Action

4. Your Branded Video Is Complete

Share on socials, website, email, YouTube, Vimeo

The Best Known Will Always Beat The Best

The best known product on the market will always outsell the best product on the market.

You can have the best, most innovative product on the market but if no one knows about it it won’t sell.

whY-us? can help you create a presence with your target audience.

Tell your story through creative and inspiring video content

Create Branded Videos 

Record video on your phone to become branded in seconds! No skills or experience needed.

Create Omnipresence 

Build your brand on Social Media, YouTube & Website using creative, branded video content in seconds.

Stand Out Email Videos

Record and send videos through email, to grab attention, stand out in ‘inboxes’ and personalise your messages.

Create Video Case Studies

Display and answer 3 questions on screen. Brilliant for telling stories, FAQ’s, case studies and explainer videos.

Book a Meeting Now

Book a meeting with a member of our team today to really understand how simple and effective this is to use.

Where Creativity Meets Business!

whY-us? will help you build a marketing strategy to create the perfect brand identity.

Which platform should I tell my story on?

Every business has a target audience. Whether you are using TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram,  Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Website or Email, we will work with you to build a marketing strategy to identify the most appropriate platforms for your business.

The Art of Scroll Stopping!

whY-us? help you build creative, engaging content that will stop people in there tracks and engage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find a quick answer to your question in our FAQs, or contact us today and a member of our team will happily help you further.

No. whY-us? video is a rolling monthly platform. You can cancel at any time.

The videos can anything up to 90 seconds. Perfect for engaging social media content.

It certainly is! Once you are set up you can request and record videos at the click of a button. As simple as that!

You can request and record videos using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If its got a camera you're set.

You don't need any special app to record videos. Just click the record button and away you go. If you are not happy with the video or you make a mistake just press record again and it will start recording again, take as many times as you need.

You get an email notification as soon as your client has recorded the video. You will also be able to monitor the status on your dashboard.

Yes, whY-Us can help build your online presence. Get in touch to book a consultation.